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“Working with Brown & Associates has helped us get our maintenance program on track giving us useful data to review and make informed decisions off of.” Bill Przytulski – Great Lakes Wine & Spirits – Detroit, Michigan

We have implemented and trained Teams like yours on Express Maintenance 100 plus times. Allow our field tested experience to work for you using on-site or remotely project support.

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Express Maintenance Regional Training Event

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Express Maintenance Regional Training Event

We specialize in Configuration, Training, and Customized Reports for Express Maintenance

Brown & Associates works with implementing and training on CMMS/EAM software. Experience with numerous software packages reveals that populating a CMMS data base and providing usage training is often not an inside job.
We supply the support services for Express Maintenance(EM) and Express Request(ER) Softwares. Our implementation assistance team works hand in hand with those who utilize EM and ER to take these feature-rich software products and wrap into your business for optimal functionality and results. Our relationships with our Customers are built on trusted and effective service and timely responses for assistance. Questions concerning Express Maintenance and Express Request are answered promptly and accurately. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions you can contact us by email or by phone at 520-909-1280 for more information regarding the Team and our capabilities here at Brown & Associates.

Data Base Configuration

Populating the tables of data needed to drive an open architecture SQL data base like Express Maintenance is a method driven defined process, not an adventure in gaining experience. To enter an Equipment record there are 10 plus key table driven decisions and up to 30 secondary decisions to be made. When the tables are not created in the proper order and with inconsistent nomenclature the resulting data will follow the garbage in and garbage out principle. Obtaining Implementation assistance and support is critical and imperative to obtain the results from the data base tool so it can perform and provide the desired results.


In the world of software for Maintenance (CMMS) and Managing Assets (EAM) learning and Training come in many forms. The learning experience starts with the decision to pursue software tools to improve operations or maintenance performance, at that point the training begins. The User needs Training on how to enter this world by understanding the CMMS Lifecycle, Training on a Data Base Implementation and what that means, Usage Training and then Training on tools and goals of Continuous Improvement. We Look at Training as Help, Assistance, Knowledge, Reference Materials, and Problem Resolution and provide it in the form of Training On-Site or Remotely and through Support Services.

Usage (KPI's)

Data collected needs reviewed, analyzed, packaged, and displayed using the reporting function of Express Maintenance. Most Users don't realize that 30 to 45 days of data are needed to be able to start using the reports and once in use to see what tweaking the data collection process needs (Work Order Closure).
Reports need to be modified to represent the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) needed to monitor and report on maintenance function, machine availability (uptime and downtime), MTBF, OEE, and other indicators businesses today are using to measure and report on enterprise asset management.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is the Goal of the System -- to improve, become more competative, be compliant to Industry Standards, increase reliability of assets, and as a result increase the Return on Investment (ROI). We know this time horizon can be 2 to 5 years and it is our goal to develop a long term strategy in our relationships where confidentiality, trust, and dependability are built and together we can learn, grow, and work to accomplish your goals.