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Data Base Implementation

Data Base Implementation is the second step in the CMMS Lifecycle. First-time implementers need to realize they need help. Process owners and those around them have full time jobs and limited bandwidth for implementing software and climbing the learning curve. CMMS Data Base Implementation is a process that has a steep learning curve and substantial benefit is gained from not making mistakes that experience can save you from. Using an implementation 'Guide' and following a repetitive process produces desired results and reduces the time and effort to "Go Live".
We live in a world where software vendors marketing materials proclaim the simplicity of getting their software up and running once you purchase it, normally called 'Going Live' by industry gurus.

After working in this industry for 10 plus years the one thing we can guarantee is that 'Going Live' involves Steps 1, 2, and 3 of the CMMS Lifecycle and none of them are simple; 1) Software Selection, 2) Data Base Implementation (the task of populating the data tables that make a data base driven software work), and 3) User Training (how to use the software now that it is ready for use). When these three steps are complete the CMMS/EAM Software Tool is ready for use.

The most challenging, time consuming, costly, and of highest importance is the Data Base Implementation. The required table sequence setup and population with consitent nomenclature is the cornerstone of a system that will perform well.

Production Equipment data, Spare Parts data, Vendor data, PM Services text, PM Schedules, Employees, User Accounts, Cost Codes, Facilities data all need to be collected, organized and input prior to User Training on the software.

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