Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

The strength of Express Maintenance (EM) -- CMMS is the data tables for Equipment, Parts, Vendors and Preventative Maintenance (PM) Procedures. Through the use of Work Orders (WO) activities are tracked and stored in WO History. This history also records Downtime, Performed By, Parts Consumption, WO Categories, Cost Codes and Total Maintenance Costs. Planned Work in the form of PM’S and PdM are scheduled and rescheduled upon completion and Demand WO’s are received from the work request module Express Request (ER).

WO History and 120 plus Reports provide data for creating Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) , pareto graphing of WO Categories, Root Cause Analysis, and the determination of MTTR and MTTF. This data provides guidance for your maintenance program. The quality of the data you collect and manage has a direct relationship of how well the database can serve your management needs.

The typical lifecycle of a CMMS includes: 1) Selection of the EM/ER software products, 2) Implementation (Data Base construction), 3) Training, 4) Usage resulting in Reports and KPI’s, and 5) Operational Improvements.

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