Data Integrity

Populating the tables of data needed to drive an open architecture SQL data base CMMS’s like Express Maintenance is a method driven defined process not an adventure in gaining experience. To enter an Equipment record there are 10 plus key table driven decisions and up to 30 secondary decisions to be made. When the tables are not created in the proper order and with inconsistent nomenclature the resulting data will follow the garbage in and garbage out principle.

Obtaining Implementation assistance and support is critical and imperative to obtain the results from the data base tool so it can perform and provide the desired results. To place weighted values on the DIFFICULTIES in the process steps of the CMMS Lifecycle experience results in the following:


Software Selection 10%, Implementation 40%, Training 30%, Usage 10%, Improvements 10% = 100%


When Training and Implementation are done correctly, Usage and Improvements meet expectations and provide value and the ROI expected from the CMMS/EAM Reliability Project.


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