Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System

Physical assets, plant and equipment are critical to your operation, how well you manage your physical assets plays a key role in your operational performance and profitability. Enterprise Asset Management is the art and science of documenting, tracking and making the right decisions in the Maintenance, Operations, and Capital Planning processes. The objective is to minimize life cycle asset costs and maximize profitability and business continuity.

To accomplish this, you need a system that tracks physical assets, their acquisition, utilization, and other costs. You need the software to track this; the discipline to capture data; and the ability to produce reports, and the knowledge of how to use the data to make continous improvements. This means integrating accounting, physical plant, maintenance, facilities, management, data management and operations.

The heart of EAM is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and it is used to collect and store asset data and information. Express Maintenance (EM) – CMMS fulfills that role and can be used to collect, store, and manage asset data as well as create Capital Plans. EM is used to increase Reliability and Productivity in operating environments where asset utilization for maximum ROI is a necessity.


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