Planned Maintenance

Time Based Preventative Maintenance - maintenance tasks are planned and performed depending on the time-dependent intervals determined

Usage Based PM -- maintenance tasks are planned and performed depending on the usage cycles or hour of operation as the performance intervals

Financially Optimized -- statistical technique that combines all of the relevant data about an asset to determine which assets to maintain and the type of maintenance needed 

Demand Maintenance

Run to Failure – ensures that equipment is not over maintained, but it assures a changeover can be made at the point of failing without catastrophic consequences to health and safety.

 Predictive Maintenance

Condition Based – a method that applies advanced analysis techniques to data from equipment components, modules, or other sources to identify performance indicators

Predictive – a time lapse between the identification of the problem and the necessity for repair. That gives you time to order parts, time to organize to choose the best time to do the work.

Reliability Centered -- analysis provides a structured framework for analyzing the functions and potential failures for a physical asset with a focus on preserving system functions, rather than preserving equipment. 


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