Demand Maintenance typically are non-recurring events that require the attention and resources of the Facilities and Maintenance organization. They can be reported and requested through a Work Request system Express Request and the request should flow through and be recognized by the maintenance system Express Maintenance  in an automated and connected system. Work Requests are converted to Work Orders and are completed by the Maintenance Team using a combination of in-house and contractor resources.

Demand Maintenance can arrive in the form of Work Requests, Breakdowns, Safety concerns, Facility’s needs, Equipment Installations, Equipment and Process improvements, and Equipment Moves. They can come from the production floor, support staff, or from administrative areas.

Demand Maintenance typically comes with Unplanned Downtime which is the enemy of Reliability for Equipment and Operational Uptime.

In combination, Planned Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance work together to increase with the goal of driving Demand Maintenance down resulting in increased Reliability and desired Equipment Uptime.

Creating Work Order Categories for the collection of Demand Work Order information allows for analysis and reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) leading to analytics which include Root Cause Analysis and others techniques that focus efforts that will improve overall Reliability.


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