Planned Maintenance includes a Preventative Maintenance (PM) program often defined as ‘Stop, Look and Lube’. PM programs provide opportunities for Operations Personnel and Maintenance Staff to get around the Equipment on a regular basis doing planned events to identify problems before they occur.

Whether using Autonomous Maintenance (AM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), or Preventative Maintenance (Time or Usage) all three work toward the goal of identifying and fixing the Equipment prior to breakdown resulting in Planned Downtime.

Techniques for creating AM, TPM, and PM programs are influenced by individual facility, operations, and process methods and are greatly impacted by existing cultural norms. The goal of a Planned Maintenance program is to take the tribal knowledge that exists at a point in time and convert it to corporate knowledge base that resets the past and brings it forward to the present while preparing for the future.

PM Types include Machine PM, Grouped PM, Work Cell PM, Flow Process PM, Route PM, Seasonal PM, and Overhaul PM. 

Using PM’s in correct combinations and application while considering Failure Modalities is the trick to designing, engineering, and implementing a ‘Corporate’ PM Program that works today and improves the future for tomorrow.


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