Predictive Maintenance (PdM) activities include Condition Based – a method that applies advanced analysis techniques to data from equipment components, modules, or other sources to identify performance indicators, Predictive – a time lapse between the identification of the problem and the necessity for repair. That gives you time to order parts, time to organize to choose the best time to do the work, which leads to Reliability Centered -- analysis provides a structured framework for analyzing the functions and potential failures for a physical asset with a focus on preserving system functions, rather than preserving equipment. 

Predictive Maintenance techniques include Oil Particulate Sampling, Oil Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Infrared Analysis, Ultrasonic Analysis, Thermal Analysis, and Motor Temperature Monitoring and Analysis,

The PM program coupled with PdM and the data accumulated with a CMMS allowed maintenance to enter RCM. Reliability Centered Maintenance addresses the root cause of problems rather than just production reliability.

In the sequence of events it is typically recommended to build your PM program first, then add PdM and then add in the RCM activities that provide the best fit for processes, budget and culture. As in all systems improvement undertaking, this progression does not happen overnight and a typical time horizon could be two to five years providing Plant Leadership is stable and economic conditions allow for budget commitments to carry out the long term goal of Uptime and Reliability focused maintenance efforts.


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