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Supply Chain Management and MRO Stores 

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Stores is the management of Spare Parts and is second in importance after Equipment. Strategies for thriving and excelling at managing Spare Parts are a necessity today as never before. With Equipment Uptime and it evil twin Equipment Downtime becoming standard KPI's, having the correct spares on hand to repair and replace as needed cannot be underestimated. Strategies today include Vendor Managed and Equipment Specific Parts.

“Brown & Associates worked with us in a complex environment involving business process migration and re-organization of the Parts inventory Supply Chain. Their work providing Process Maps became the foundation of our Parts ordering and inventory methodology. These efforts were a key component of the overall Supply Chain Management Plan and Gary Brown of Brown & Associates was instrumental in working through the cultural and personnel issues that surrounded the needed change, growth and improvements.”

David Velie – Amend Consulting, Managing Partner – Byer Steel Project – Cincinnati, Ohio

Vendor Managed / Common Stock Programs are critical today to maximize the on hand parts needed that make up the 80% of the Parts that make up 20% of the Parts budget.

Equipment Specific Parts stocking, utilization, recording, tracking, and reordering are the focus of MRO Stores in EM.

Working in these two environments by balancing available resources is the challenge facing maintenance and facilities leadership today. Our experience with these programs and efforts will greatly improve your on hand inventory management, cost management, stocking methodologies, and Parts available to support operations.


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