Reliability Programs provided using Predictive Maintenance technologies are growing in necessity as quality standard demand performance to tighter tolerances and companies are working to meet cost constraints and more demanding production schedules.

Starting a Predictive Maintenance program can be a daunting task for an already over committed Maintenance and Facilities Team. Let Brown & Associates work with your Team to introduce the methods and tools of Predictive Maintenance.

We have helped customers understand the available technology, when and how to use it, and what to do with the reading and outputs to make better maintenance decisions.

In addition, we can show you how to store the data and have it accessible through Express Maintenance for specific Equipment making recall and trending a valuable tool in your reliability effort.

Predictive Maintenance technologies we are working with include Motor Temperature Tracking and Analysis, Vibration Analysis for Bearings, Electrical Infrared (IR) for checking your Electrical System for problem areas, and an Oil Analysis Program to monitor oil life and improve Equipment longevity and uptime.

Contact Us for more details and a quote to put a Predictive Maintenance Program in at your Facility and let us work with you to improve the Reliability of Systems and Equipment.