CMMS Life Cycle

The Five Steps in the CMMS Lifecycle are Software Selection, Data Base Implementation, User Training, Usage, and Continuous Improvement.

It has been our experience that once a Company selects the software the next logical step they attempt to take is Training. The topic is correct; the application is not. True, Training is needed, but the Training needed next is not on how to use the Software but on how to configure the Software.

If you were to place a difficulty weighting on each Step in the Lifecycle it would look something like this:

Software Selection                10%

Data Base Implementation     40%

User Training                        30%

Usage                                  10%

Continuous Improvements     10%

When Training and Implementation are done correctly, Usage and Improvements meet expectations and provide value and the ROI expected from the CMMS/EAM Reliability Project.

The Training experience Brown & Associates provides will assist you in all Five Steps of the CMMS System Lifecycle. Let us work with you to cut through the confusion and assist in the Process; wherever you are, we have been there; allow our expertise to work for you. Contact Us today! 520-909-1280.