Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is the fifth step in the CMMS Lifecycle. Maintenance programs typically mature through the following steps:

Run to Failure – (CMMS System Needed)

CMMS Implemented

Preventative Maintenance

Planned Maintenance / Operator PM

Predictive Maintenance

Reliability Centered

These steps take time, consistent and committed leadership, resources (time and money), and a culture that supports mistakes, improvements and desire for excellence.

Allow us to work with you as your program matures through these steps. Our Team can assist you in creating Planned Maintenance including Operator PM (sometimes called Autonomous Maintenance or Total Productive Maintenance), Predictive Maintenance and move toward Reliability Centered maintenance strategies.

We know this time horizon can be 2 to 5 years and it is our goal to develop a long term strategy in our relationships where confidentiality, trust and dependability are built and together we can learn, grow and work to accomplish your goals.

Continuous Improvement is the Goal of the System -- to improve, become more competitive, increase reliability of assets, and as a result increase the Return on Investment (ROI). Contact Us today to begin, grow, or continue this relationship! 520-909-1280.