Software Selection

The Location/Platform offerings range from Company Hosted to Data Center Hosted to Cloud (whatever that means), to Server, to Standalone.

For Licensing options you have Seat Licensing, Concurrent Licensing, Unlimited Users, Enterprise Licenses.

For Support you have Annual Maintenance Agreements, Annual Version Purchasing, Optional Maintenance Plans, and Required Maintenance Plans.

For Pricing you have One Time; Per User Costs or Concurrent User Costs, Monthly Costs, Annual Plans Paid Monthly, Monthly Pay Plans that have 2 and 3 Year Agreements, and more variations.

And then you come to Functionality and the acronyms, everyone calls the same thing different things and different things the same thing.

When it comes to Software Selection let us put our experience to work for you. Let’s talk, understand your needs, do a demo. Understanding CMMS Software will empower you to make an informed decision.    Contact Us today! 520-909-1280.


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