Usage is the fourth step in the CMMS Lifecycle. Formal Training is now complete, and the usage of the system goes into full swing. Work Requests are being submitted and converted to Demand Work Orders for the Maintenance Team. PM Work Orders are being created and assigned to the Maintenance Team. The work request conversion to WO strategy needs to be enforced; closing of Work Order’s needs to be monitored to make sure the desired information is being recorded. Backlog will develop as the system is used to capture, record, and complete work.

Most Users feel the need for training and support ends here. It has been our experience that this is just the beginning of the 2 to 5 year time horizon needed to bring the CMMS into the culture, inject it into the operating systems, and learn from the results of the data collected.

Data collected needs reviewed, analyzed, packaged ad displayed using the reporting function of Express Maintenance. Most Users don’t realize that 30 to 45 days of data are needed to be able to start using the reports and once in use to see what tweaking the data collection process needs (Work Order Closure).

Reports need to be modified to represent the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) needed to monitor and report on maintenance function, machine availability (uptime and downtime), MTBF, OEE and other indicators businesses today are using to measure and report on enterprise asset management.

On-going support, monthly checkups, conference calls, custom reports, functionality questions… all will arise. Let us work with you providing support through Service Contracts (typically 4 or 8 Hour increments). Purchase one today through our Service Contracts link or Contact Us today for a quote! 520-909-1280.